Kid’s Book Images of Bloody Shark Attack, Gator Eating Dog Shocks Viewers

A pair of videos featuring the narration of a graphic children’s novel of sea creature attacks has the Internet in shock over the contents of the now-viral book.

In the first video, the man said his kids brought home an “amazing” book from the school library. The book in question is called “Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep,” and it includes some rather graphic images of accidents involving a number of sea animals. The videos collectively have more than 231,000 views and over 36,000 likes since being shared on April 22 and May 4.

In both videos, he highlighted the cover of the book, which featured a large illustration of a shark with numerous teeth and a bloody mouth.

“Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep,” the TikToker read from the title in both videos.

Reef shark in ocean
A children’s book with images of a bloody shark attack and an alligator eating a dog has shocked the Internet. Here, a reef shark swimming in the ocean.

Now, while the first video gained a couple of thousand likes, it’s video two that went viral as the man ad-libbed through the pages.

“Well, you asked for it,” he said. “Here a part two of these amazing drawings from my kids’ library book.”

The first page he opened to had a large image of a Caribbean reef shark.

However, on the next page, there was an illustration of a number of reef sharks swimming in the water around a pool of blood coming from some meat. A shark was biting onto it while the others circled around. Below the mayhem, a few divers sat on the seafloor.

“Let’s do a nice shark-feeding circle,” the man said in a high mock-narrator tone of voice.

He hummed, “Hmm-hm-hmm…” but started to act panicked and yelled when he showed the next image of a man’s arm being bitten off by one of the sharks while blood stained the water red on either side of the shark’s mouth.

sawfish florida
A children’s book on sea creatures featured a sawfish mishap. Above, a sawfish on August 5, 2015, in Islamorada, Florida.
Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

Next up was the Sawfish.

On the following page, a man tried to reel in the creature on a boat while an onlooker watched.

“Jerry, help me pull up this Sawfish, it’s really…” But then he cut to an image of the Sawfish wounding the man’s leg in graphic detail with the TikToker pretending to be the man, even yelling for an added touch.

The next pages showed a sea nettle encounter.

Two boys were drawn playing on a raft in the water, but one of the boys looked like he was about to fall off.

“Hm, this is fun on the boat,” the TikToker said. “Wait, don’t push me off!”

The video then panned to the boy in the water being stung by the sea nettles.

“Zzzzz,” the man added, along with a cry while narrating the boy.

Up next was a leopard seal—also depicted with its mouth wide open, showcasing numerous teeth. On the accompanying page, the seal was depicted jumping out of the water to attack someone walking by, and the man yet again narrated the sounds of the attack.

“Oh my goodness!” he said.

But that wasn’t all because there was yet another image of the seal. But this time it was chomped down on the person’s leg. Another onlooker was in the process of attacking the seal in the picture shown.

“Get off my friend!” the man said.

Next, a smaller image showed the wounded person being carried away by their friends with the seal looking on with its bloody mouth wide open towards the sky. Again, the TikToker yelled for added sound effects.

american alligator florida
A children’s book went viral for its graphic depiction of sea creatures attacking humans and animals, including an American alligator. Above, an American alligator begins to cruise around its swamp home as dusk approaches, January 9, 2022, outside of Gainesville, Florida.
Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty Images

An American alligator was the last creature shown, and its mouth was half open with blood along its lips and teeth. A small image of a man walking his dog by the water was nearby.

“Oh, Tucker, I love walking with you,” the TikToker said.

But tragedy struck when the alligator took the dog in its mouth, yanking it away from its owner who still held onto its leash during the tense moment.

“Tucker!” he yelled as the camera panned to a drawing of the alligator swimming off in the bloody water as the owner held up his hands without his dog.

“And just a note to all you dog owners out there,” the TikToker said while facing the camera. “Please take care of your dogs. Don’t let them get eaten by alligators.”

Over 600 comments poured in over the viral TikTok, and people are loving the creator’s narrations while many are shocked by the graphic images.

“What in the kids’ illustrations is going on here?” a viewer asked. “Your narration is perfect.”

Another TikToker didn’t mince words.

“That’s really dark for a kids’ book,” they said.

Some people have also encountered the book before, too.

“Oh my God, I’m pretty sure I had this book,” a TikToker pointed out. “Brought back some deep memories.”

“I totally remember this book!” another said. “Definitely read it as a child. Probably why I’m scared of deep water,” which isn’t an uncommon fear; although, according to National Geographic, there’s a one in 3.7 million chance of actually being killed by a shark.

One person admitted that now they’re “upset by an illustration of a dog getting eaten by an alligator.”

A viewer called the book “insane,” adding, “Side note: Dogs do get eaten by alligators all the time in Florida.”

A TikToker admitted the content was “so upsetting.” They also questioned, “Why would they do this to children?”

While another viewer thinks it’s “hilarious,” and they even thanked the creator of the video. “Now I have to find part one. I bet your son loves reading books with you!”

Other viewers had comments like, “Emotional damage,” “Scary stories to tell in the daylight,” “This would traumatize me,” and “Nice narration.”

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @timmymorgan0 for comment.

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