Dog ‘Grieving’ Over Tennis Ball Delights the Internet: ‘Drama Queen’

A Rottweiler is sending the internet into stitches over his dramatic reaction to not being able to get his tennis ball, garnering a lot of appreciation online.

The dog, a two-year-old named Silkin Day, has gone viral on Reddit and TikTok for his drama-filled reaction. The original post, shared by TikToker @silkinday, titled, “Don’t scare me like that #dogsoftiktok #rottweiler #saddog #poordog,” was shared on May 19, and has since received 1.7 million views and 248,800 likes.

According to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers are known for being loyal, loving, and quite affectionate with family. They come from the mastiffs from the Roman legions, and they are known as being protectors of their inner family. They usually live to be around nine to 10 years old, and a full-grown male can weigh as much as 135 pounds.

A repost of the clip was shared on Reddit to the subreddit “Unexpected,” and has since received 102,000 upvotes and 600 comments. “Better call the vet,” the post shared by Redditor @allthekos is titled.

Rottweiler standing outside
A Rottweiler dog “grieving” over his tennis ball is delighting the internet.
Alberto Clemares Expósito/Getty

The 48-second clip featured the song by Górecki: Symphony No. 3 “Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs” – 3. Lento (Cantabile semplice), and began with the dog lying down on some outdoor steps near a potted plant. The pot was positioned near some wooden fencing and the stairs, creating a little crevice large enough for the dog to stick his snout into.

With his paw resting in the flowerpot, the dog had his snout positioned into the small hole, appearing rather sad.

“Heard him crying,” the screen read in text overlay.

The camera panned to show the dog’s whole body lying on the steps. Silkin looked up, but he stayed lying down on the ground. Clearly, the dog was starting to give his owner a fright by the way he was acting.

“Thought the worst,” the TikToker said in text overlay.

The camera then panned down to the dog, who lay his head down while looking quite sad. “Maybe he’s hurt himself again,” the screen read.

But then, the TikToker panned the camera to show down in the crevice between the flowerpot, the stairs, and the wooden railing. Inside on the ground was a yellow tennis ball, which seemed to be the problem, as the dog couldn’t reach it.

The camera moved back to the dog, still looking upset. The TikToker then reached their hand into the area to pull out the tennis ball. The dog reacted, seemingly knowing his owner was trying to help. He moved his head to get a better look, and when the ball saw the light of day, the dog tried to snag it with his mouth.

The TikToker put the ball near the dog, allowing him to get ahold of it once he let go. He proceeded to chew on it happily.

The internet can’t seem to get enough of Silkin’s reaction to his unreachable tennis ball. On Reddit, one viewer thinks the dog figured out his owner was trying to assist him. “I love his face when he realized what you might be doing,” a Redditor pointed out. “He didn’t wanna get his hopes up, but he definitely perked up.”

Another Redditor seemed jealous of the dog. “I wish I had a life where not being able to get my ball is the hardest part of my life,” a Redditor joked.

On TikTok, appreciation is everywhere for Silkin as well, and some people have seen the behavior before. “Omg, my dog does the same thing,” a TikToker said.

Others sympathized with the dog losing their ball. “Can’t be happy when you lose the ball of happiness,” a user pointed out.

One viewer called Silkin a “drama queen,” while another mentioned the dog was “grieving” for the ball.

Some people really appreciate canines, and one such viewer said the TikToker “probably just made his whole day.” Another viewer had sympathy for the dog’s plight. “The horror, poor boy,” a user said. “So glad you could help rescue his ball.”

While another compared the situation to something many people can relate to. “This is like the human equivalent of not being able to reach their phone,” a viewer said.

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @silkinday and Redditor @allthekod for comment.

This isn’t the only viral moment involving dogs. Another dog lost their ball while playing at the park recently. Meanwhile, a Golden Retriever carrying a bag through a Victoria’s Secret captured hearts online. In addition, a dog took his favorite toy to visit his grandmother.

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