Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 5: Tropical Vision launches soon with the first female-led cast, a new battle pass, map, and game modes

Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 5: Tropical Vision launches soon with the first female-led cast, a new battle pass, map, and game modes

The weather is going bonkers in Call of Duty Mobile as after an arid spell thanks to the Wild Dogs season, we shift to tropical lands as Call of Duty Mobile’s fifth season of the year – Tropical Vision arrives on June 1st. All that dry weather is suddenly going to be run over by a storm that brings with it tonnes of rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 5 – Tropical Vision will be a special one as it marks the launch of the first female-led cast who will be part of the battle pass. Players can get their hands on free rewards like the Echo – Tikki Troops shotgun, the new Oden Assault Rifle, the Echo Grenade, camos, blueprints, and lots more. Premium Pass purchasers will receive additional rewards such as Rampage; Park — Survivor; Rivas — Smuggler; and Rosa – Animal Instincts.

This season also introduces a new map called Apocalypse, first seen in COD: Black Ops Cold War. Perfect for going all guns blazing, this multiplayer map thrives on aggressive combat, flanking, and skirmishing, where only the fiercest players can survive. Coupled with this is a new multiplayer mode called Guns Blazing Encore which lets players go all Captain America by turning them into supersoldiers. Players must eliminate others to win points and fill up their Fury Gauge. A full gauge will transform them into a supersoldier which grants them Dual-wield Death Machines and increased health.

Furthermore, Flood Team Bravo will be a new themed event that will see Soap and his allies save lives by releasing floodwater caused by a manmade tropical storm. Finally, like all other seasons, Tropical Vision will also feature new seasonal challenges, updates to the item store, UI fixes and changes, and more.

What’s your favourite part of this upcoming season? Be sure to complete all Season 4 challenges before June 1st. Download Call of Duty Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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