(Video) Former NBA Player Delonte West Spotted On Side Of Road Asking For A “Few Dollars”

On Saturday, former NBA player, Delonte West, was spotted on a street corner in Alexandria, VA asking for money.

In the video, the man recording can be heard saying:

My dog, Delonte. How you doing my brother?

West proceeds to walk up with a sign in his hand, appearing disheveled and replies asking for money.

What’s going on? You ain’t got a few dollars?

A few people on social media shared their thoughts about West and the video.

One person stated:

It’s sad because people don’t understand that with addiction you can’t help them unless they want to be helped. Stop asking [where] people who were helping went. They tried…it’s only so much you can do with an addict.

Someone else commented and stated how sad it was to see the former athlete in this position he’s in now.

DAMN! This is one of the saddest things I [have] ever seen. Dear God, have mercy.

Another social media user stated:

I thought he was doing good.

Back in 2020, Delonte West received helped from Mark Cuban, Mavericks owner, and checked into rehab, according to TMZ.

Delonte West … he entered a rehab facility late Monday night, Mark Cuban tells us — and by Tuesday morning, he already started his programs at the facility. Once Mark Cuban located West, the Mavs owner met with Delonte’s mom at a nearby hotel and together they convinced him to get treatment,according to Shams Charania. Now, the hard work begins … and everyone close to West is hoping Delonte can finally get on the road to recovery.

That same year, it was reported that West was doing better and was hired to work at the rehab center where he received helped. Reporter Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium tweeted:

Update on Delonte West: West now has a job at the Rebound therapy center in Florida, which is the rehab facility he attended.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reunited West with his mother in September and has stayed in close contact.

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) January 19, 2021

 Roomies, please continue to keep Delonte West in your prayers.

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