Dog leads rescue team to injured owner camping in Tahoe National Forest

A border collie on a ridge in Tahoe National Forest.

A border collie on a ridge in Tahoe National Forest.

Gary L. Button, Architect/Getty Images

A man’s dog came to his rescue earlier this week after leading search and rescue teams to where he had fallen 70 feet and injured himself, CBS Sacramento reported

The dog’s 53-year-old owner was camping in Tahoe National Forest when he took the fall, breaking his hip and ribs. CalFire called on the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office for help from 25 search and rescue volunteers in order to locate him, according to a Facebook post made by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue. 

The volunteers were able to locate the man, but the post gives credit for the rescue to his border collie Sal, who ran 200 yards through the forest “in true Lassie fashion” to lead two volunteers to where the owner lay injured. 

The man had called 911 but then lost cell service, the outlet reported. Search and rescue teams were able to contact his friend, who directed them to his campsite. When he wasn’t found there, the team spread out to search the area. That’s when they met Sal. 

“He ran about 20 ft away from them, stopped and looked back at them. They took that as he was trying to lead them to the victim,” Nevada County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Dennis Haack told CBS Sacramento. 

Sal’s owner was found seriously injured underneath a camouflage tarp. He was flown by helicopter to a hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. 

According to the search and rescue team’s Facebook post, Sal was taken to Grass Valley, where he was “given a well-deserved dinner.” 

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