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Denji becomes Makima’s dog in episode 2 of Chainsaw Man, titled “Arrival in Tokyo.”

Aki and Power are here. Their introduction was quite interesting. Aki tried to make Denji quit the job, but Denji’s determination to get Makima overshadows every threat and danger.

Power had a strong start as we got some bloody action from her side. She is a bloodthirsty fiend. Denji finally decided what his goal for becoming a devil hunter is.

Here are the latest updates.

Episode 3 Speculations

Denji and Power will set out to get back Power’s dog in episode 3 of Chainsaw Man.

It’s time for some development between Denji and his sidekicks. Things will only go up from here. Makima will be confronted by her head officers for how she does her work.

Aki and Power are the most important main characters. While Aki is still disgusted by Denji, Makima still finds some merit in him, given that he is the Chainsaw Devil. It will be interesting to see how their bond will grow from here and now.

Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 of the Chainsaw Man anime will be released on Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022. The episode title or preview has not been shown.

1. Is Chainsaw Manon break this week?

No, episode 3 of Chainsaw Man is not on break. The episode will release as per schedule.

Episode 2 Recap

Denji and Makima are heading to Makima’s office in her car. Denji feels hungry. Makima asks his name and tells him that he is now in her care, and she will only expect ‘woof’ and ‘yes’ to answer her questions.

She offers to pay for his food and gives him her coat to cover his body. He falls in love with her seeing her kindness. She takes him to a food shop where he orders Udon. She asks him how he got into this situation.

He tells her about Pochita. He is still shocked that Pochita sacrificed his life for him. Makima tells him that she believes him and that Pochita is inside Denji. He faints due to low blood and wakes up in Makima’s lap. She offers to feed him, which he gladly accepts.

Denji asks Makima’s name and asks her type. She replies that she is into the ‘Denji’ type. Denji is elated to hear that. Makima takes him to the Tokyo headquarter of devil hunters.

She gives him a uniform to wear and introduces him to Aki Hayakawa. Aki takes him away, but Denji wants to work with Makima. Makima tells him that he can work with her someday if he does good work.

Aki takes him to a back alley and punches him hard. He tells him to quit the job as this job is not for someone who is not motivated. As Denji is only after Makima, he will lose his life.

Denji wakes up and kicks Ak multiple times, saying he got to eat udon for the first time in his life and was treated so well. He doesn’t care if he loses his life doing this work.

They both start to fight, but Denji kicks Aki’s crotch again, and Aki faints. Denji takes him to Makima, where both of them complain about each other, but Makima tells Aki that she is putting Denji in his unit.

She tells him that Denji can transform into a devil and he is alive only till they work together otherwise, Denji will be disposed of as a devil. Aki later tells Denji that Makima was the one who saved his life.

Aki takes Denji to his house, where Denji fully enjoys his stay. They get a report about a friend in the East Nerima Residence. Fiend is when a devil takes control of a human body.

Aki tells Denji to kill the devil by transforming into Chainsaw Man. Denji, however, kills the devil with an axe. He tells Aki that he doesn’t want everything to get messed up and make his death painful.

This doesn’t sit well with Aki, who tells Denji that a devil killed his entire family and can’t show mercy to them. Denji says he will sympathize with devils when needed because he has no friends.

The real reason he didn’t transform was not to get the adult magazines dirty. Suddenly he gets the urge to touch Makima’s boobs while thinking about his reason for being there. He realizes that this is his goal for being a devil hunter.

Back in the office, Makima introduces a new member to Aki’s unit. She is a fiend, and her name is Power. Denji has a problem at first, but after seeing that she has breasts, he agrees.

Denji is made to patrol with Power. Power is in need of some blood as she is hungry. Denji blames Aki for all this, but suddenly Power gets the scent of blood and rushes toward it.

The Sea Cucumber Devil has attacked the town. Power goes ahead and immediately smashes his head with a hammer. Denji is shocked by this display of power.

About Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto that was serialized from December 2018-2022. The series is supposed to receive an anime series by MAPPA. A second part of the manga has also been announced

The manga’s plot revolves around Denji, an orphaned boy who has to work as a devil hunter to make a living and pay off his father’s debt.

However, his pet devil, Pochita is killed on a mission. Denji wakes up to realize he and Pochita have become a single being, Chainsaw Man. If he does not want to get killed, he has to join the government and continue hunting demons.

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