This Dog Raincoat Worn by Noodle the Pug Is $10 at Amazon

 It might be the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while

Published on October 22, 2022 11:00 AM

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Photo: Amazon

No one likes to be caught in the rain without any protection, and that goes for dogs as well — they probably don’t enjoy being in the rain any more than you do. Consider a dog raincoat to make rainy days a little more bearable, and a whole lot cuter.

The Voyager Waterproof Dog Raincoat is an affordable option at Amazon that costs just $10 and is available in a variety of colors. Noodle the TikTok-Famous pug (@jongraz) was recently spotted wearing one in yellow and it might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. It’s no surprise that the adorable video brought attention to the raincoat for dogs, so we found the exact one you can shop for right now to prepare for the weather ahead.

Make sure to take your dog’s measurements before ordering to ensure you get the correct size.


Buy It! Voyager Waterproof Dog Raincoat, $9.99;

The jacket’s waterproof design has two straps to secure the coat around your dog’s body while the small hood on top protects their face from wind and rain. It also has reflexive safety stripes on the back to make your furry friend visible to drivers while out for walks. One five-star reviewer shared that it’s a “great doggie raincoat” for their pet who doesn’t like to walk in the rain, and they left a few images to show how well it fits, even over a harness.

Another shopper said they’re a fan of how the jacket helps “minimize wet dog smell,” and added that their dogs don’t mind wearing it, which definitely makes it easy to slip on and off as needed.

Although the Voyager Raincoat is completely functional, it also gives you an excuse to have a cute photo shoot with your dog. And that’s what clothes for animals are really all about, right? If the photo reviews and Noodle’s TikTok aren’t enough to convince you that your dog needs a raincoat, maybe the low price tag will. If it helps prevent the dreaded wet dog smell and makes people smile, then it’s a win in our books.

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