Identity V’s next crossover is with the anime Bungo Stray Dogs

NetEase Games has just announced a new crossover for Identity V. The asymmetrical horror mobile game is partnering with the hit anime Bungo Stray Dogs for an action-packed event. The show features a hot-blooded story involving a detective group called the Armed Detective Agency that is dedicated to crimes the military and police cannot solve.

As always, trouble has found its way to the Oletus Manor and the Detective Agency has been summoned to take the case. Osamu Dazai, Atsushi Nakajima, and Rampo Edogawa join Identity V to uncover the new supernatural power that has found itself in-game. Before you get into the quests, here’s a look at each of these characters.

Atsushi Nakajima is a kind-hearted and selfless person. Although he lacks self-confidence, he will always do what’s right, even if it means sacrificing himself. His powers allow him to turn into a giant tiger. He met Omasu during one of his unconscious rampages, after which he was hired into the Armed Detective Agency.

Next is Osamu Dazai, a quirky suicide enthusiast who only wants to die in a good way. It gets weirder because, in addition to dying well, he wants to do it with a beautiful woman by his side. Osamu is, however, quite distant from his emotions and pains, and can come off as quite a cold-hearted being.

And the third member of the agency is Rampo Edogawa, who is, as his name suggests, a famous detective that can solve multiple cases thanks to his keen eye for sieving out the truth. His excellent observation skills allow him t solve cases with ease.

All of these characters will be available in Identity V as S-Costumes. Nakajima will be available at a 20% discount while players can pick up Prisoner S-Costume Osamu Dazai and S-Accessory Osamu Dazai’s Favorite Book package at a 32% discount.

Get your hands on all these Bungo Stray Dogs items by downloading Identity V now for free.

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