My Paleo Pet Shares Facts That Dog Owners Need to Know About Traditional Kibble Diets

My Paleo Pet Shares Facts That Dog Owners Need to Know About Traditional Kibble Diets

Pompano Beach, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 03/26/2022 –My Paleo Pet does not just offer traditional paleo dog food to Boca Raton, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding South Florida areas. They offer fresh foods that are safe for human consumption and suit paleo pet diets.

While My Paleo Pet believes that paleo diets are the best option for pets, many pet owners choose traditional kibble diets that can be unhealthy for canines. Here are some shocking facts about traditional dog food:

– Kibble dog food typically contains 50% or more carbohydrates. This tarnishes protein quality of dog food.

– The goal of many kibble manufacturers is to sell food, which is why some believe the recommended daily feeding amounts on the packaging are really too much food for pets, and are only suggested so supplies could run out faster and consumers would have to buy more.

– Many people believe that kibble makes dog teeth cleaner. There is nothing further from the truth. The carbs found in kibble are what cause poor dental hygiene in canines.

– Kibble does not stay fresh for long. While kibble really is not fresh in the first place, it only lasts an average of four weeks once opened.

About My Paleo Pet

My Paleo Pet offers human-grade paleo dog food in Boca Raton, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding South Florida areas as well as nationwide delivery. More than traditional paleo dog foods that clients may find in their local pet store; My Paleo Pet offers real, USDA-approved foods that are safe for human consumption.

Not only does My Paleo Pet offer paleo food for pets, but also provides pet owners with herbal pet products, treats, chews, broths, and other yummy and healthy products to improve pet wellness. To learn more about My Paleo Pet or place a food or product order visit mypaleopet.com.

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Here’s a small dog dump to brighten your day!

Here’s a small dog dump to brighten your day!

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Go read former Tesla employees’ experiences with racism in their own words

Go read former Tesla employees’ experiences with racism in their own words

The Los Angeles Times has a great piece that interviews three former Tesla employees about their experiences with racism, discrimination, and retaliation at the company, which is well worth a read. The story acts as a way to contextualize a lawsuit that the automaker is currently facing, where the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleges that the company has a “racially segregated workplace.”

While the experiences described in the lawsuit and in the Times’ story are similar (and equally disturbing), being able to read actual interviews helps connect names, faces, and individual experiences to the situation at Tesla’s facility in California.

The workers have unique stories, but they share disturbingly similar through-lines. Two employees describe being “blacklisted” or “blackballed” after reporting racist behavior to supervisors or HR. One of them describes being given a job usually done by two people — another recalls asking a supervisor “‘You’re telling me to do a four-man job by myself?’” She says the supervisor told her to do it, or she would be fired. All of them report constantly being called the n-word — sometimes by managers, and often with the word “lazy” attached.

One of the employees says that going to HR did put a stop to the harassment from coworkers — but that for months afterwards, she wasn’t given a performance review, raise, or promotion. She was later fired for an accident where she hit a sprinkler with a forklift. Another worker, she said, hit five sprinklers and got to keep his job. “They were waiting for me to make a mistake,” she said.

The other workers echoed similar sentiments. One said Tesla “began looking for a reason to fire him” after he reported his racist treatment to HR. The other said she felt like she was forced out of the company after being “badgered by supervisors.” Here’s an example she gave:

HR emailed her that she was “under investigation for supposedly threatening someone,” she said. Baffled, she asked whom she had threatened, and was told it was someone on the day shift.

But she had worked the night shift.

“People on the day shift told them, ‘We don’t know her,’” Romby said. “It was just a bunch of B.S.”

The company’s lawyers (it doesn’t have a PR department anymore) largely denied the allegations to the Times, and listed off reasons why it treated the employees the way it did. But this isn’t the first time Tesla has faced scrutiny for having a hostile workplace. Last year, a jury in California ruled that the company would have to pay a former worker $137 million in damages, after supervisors failed to do anything about his reports that he was harassed with racist graffiti and constant use of racial slurs.

The company also had to pay another former employee $1 million after he won an arbitration suit — he reported that his supervisor called him the n-word, and retaliated again him after he confronted him for using the slur. Other employees have accused the company of having a racist culture. (Again, Tesla denied many of the allegations from these cases.)

But while reading about court cases can certainly be enlightening, it’s important to also see what employees have to say about the situations they were in for themselves. It provides more context, as well as insight we might not otherwise get into how discrimination can emotionally affect people, and their lives going forward. That’s why the Los Angeles Times piece is important, and well worth a read.

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Sharpton: Republicans Will Use ‘Straight-Out Racially Charged’ Dog Whistles in Midterms

Sharpton: Republicans Will Use ‘Straight-Out Racially Charged’ Dog Whistles in Midterms

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Friday on “Deadline” that the Republicans were going to use “straight-out racially charged whistles” during the midterm elections.

Guest-host Alicia Menendez said, “Let’s just talk about what the Jackson hearings tells us about the upcoming midterm battles, issues, and stereotypes they repeatedly tried to tap into here. Portraying Democrats, portraying Judge Jackson as being soft on crime, bringing up abortion and racist baby books, trying to victimize themselves by invoking previous Supreme Court hearings. Any question what the midterm fight is going to look like after what we watched this week?”

Sharpton said, “It is very clear they are going to use all kinds of dog whistles and probably just straight-out racially charged whistles. When you try to ask a Supreme Court nominee about Critical Race Theory, when you try to criminalize her by saying she is soft on crime which is always a stereotype they put on blacks, that we are either criminal or we are somehow company to criminals or a co-conspirator. You think this woman was one that was in some kind of way an accomplice to criminals getting out of the jail. This is how they are going to play the midterm elections, that they’re criminals, that we have to deal with Critical Race Theory. They’re doing it all over the country.”

Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

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The mighty dog constellations of the spring night sky

The mighty dog constellations of the spring night sky

Orion and Canis Major shine in the night sky. There are four celestial dogs hidden in the constellations of the spring night sky.

Orion and Canis Major shine in the night sky. There are four celestial dogs hidden in the constellations of the spring night sky.
(Image credit: Getty)

Believe it or not, there are four dogs that are currently traipsing through our early spring skies. 

Two are scampering for attention in the west that contain constellations associated with the winter season and will soon be bidding us a fond adieu. But there are two more ascending in the east — a star pattern that will be with us all through spring and summer months. Here, we’ll describe each one. It’s the ‘leash’ we can do.

(By the way, if you’re looking for binoculars or telescopes to spot the stars of these cosmic pooches, check out our guides for the best binoculars and best telescopes. Our best cameras for astrophotography and best lenses for astrophotography guides can also help you find the right gear for your next starry night photo session.)

The dog star

Canis major in stellarium screenshot

(Image credit: Stellarium)

The brightest of all the stars shines prominently this week about 90 minutes after sunset, about one-third of the way up from the south-southwest horizon. Sirius, the ‘Dog Star’ is the brightest star of the constellation which bears the Latin name Canis Major — the Big Dog. It is also the unquestionable ruler in its own section of the sky; a truly dazzling object, shining with an unmistakable brilliance. In color, the star is a brilliant white with a definite tinge of blue, but when the air is unsteady it then seems to flicker in rapid scintillation with all the colors of the rainbow. At a distance of 8.7 light-years, Sirius is the fifth nearest star known. Among the naked-eye stars, it is the nearest of all, with the exception of Alpha Centauri. 

Four thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians noticed that Sirius would rise just before dawn at the time of the summer solstice apparently heralding the coming rise of the Nile, upon which Egyptian agriculture and all life in Egypt depended. Hence, Sirius became known as the ‘Nile Star’ or ‘Star of Isis.’

More recently, the scorching heat of July and early August was attributed by some to when Sirius rises with the sun at that time of the year. Its brightness purportedly adds to the sun’s energy, producing additional warmth and bringing forth fever in men and madness in dogs. Thus, the term ‘Dog Days’.

Overshadowed by Sirius

A view of the bright star Sirius as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope.

A view of the bright star Sirius as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. (Image credit: Hubble, ESA/ Akira Fujii)

Maybe you’ve heard of the idiom: ‘The tail wags the dog’. Similarly, Sirius seems to get all the attention compared to the rest of its host constellation. 

Indeed, the rest of the constellation of Canis Major is quite overshadowed by the allure and radiance of its most noteworthy star. The rest of the dog is there, composed of triangular hindquarters and a long body. His muzzle and paws are uplifted as though he was bounding across the skies after his master, Orion the Mighty Hunter. Sirius is considered by some to be the Big Dog’s nose; others say it marks his dog tag. 

Sirius’ blinding presence also overwhelms a neighboring star, Adhara, located within the triangle of stars situated to the lower left of the Dog Star. Adhara marks the lower right of the triangle and shines at magnitude +1.50 and ranks as the twenty-second brightest overall in the sky. Yet by virtue of binning, misses by just a shade, the cutoff for first-magnitude classification. Here’s another dramatic example of how appearances can be deceiving. Adhara is actually over 1,500 times more luminous than Sirius. But because it’s 430 light-years away as compared to just 8.7 for Sirius, Adhara appears only 1/15 as bright.

Orion’s ‘second hound’

The intriguing names of the constellations may lead one to expect astronomy books to show groups of stars in the shape of a lion, an eagle, a bear and other animals and figures. But many show nothing of the sort. Some books show the constellations as involved geometrical shapes, which in many cases do not look like anything and have no relation to their names. And when darkness falls this week, we see the antithesis of a complex sky pattern in Canis Minor, the Little Dog, Orion’s other dog and Canis Major’s playful smaller companion. 

This smaller canine is situated about halfway up in the south-southwest and almost directly above Sirius. The Little Dog is composed of just two stars. The brighter of these two is the ‘Little Dog Star’ known as Procyon, the eighth-brightest star in the sky. The fainter of the two is called Gomeisa. 

Procyon is a yellow-white star, seven times as luminous as the Sun and 11 light-years away. The name Procyon has been in use since the days of ancient Greece. It is the equivalent of the Latin word ‘Antecanis’ or ‘Before the Dog,’ an allusion to the fact that Procyon rises immediately preceding Sirius, and thus heralds the appearance of the great Dog Star. From mid-northern latitudes, Procyon comes above the east-northeast horizon about 25 minutes before Sirius first appears to blaze in the east-southeast. 

Interestingly, though, at this time of year, we notice that Procyon actually marches behind its more brilliant companion. How is it possible that the Little Dog rises before the larger one and yet follows it across the southern sky? The answer is that while Procyon is east of Sirius, it is also farther north so that it rises earlier, just as the sun comes up sooner in the morning when it’s well north of the celestial equator in the summertime. 

Both Canis Major and Canis Minor are associated with the winter season, so they will both soon be departing our evening sky. Sirius and the Big Dog will be gone by the end of April; Procyon and the Little Dog, however, will linger in the west-northwest until the start of June.

Two more hunting dogs in the night sky

Canes venatici stellarium screenshot

A Stellarium diagram of Canes venatici in the night sky.  (Image credit: Stellarium)

About halfway up in the east-northeast sky during the mid-evening hours, this week is a star pattern known as Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs. Located about a third of the way from the end of the Big Dipper’s handle and below it, these dogs were placed in the sky to assist Boötes, the Bear Driver in his daily task of pursuing the Big Bear (Ursa Major) around the pole of the heavens. They used to be imagined as chasing the Great Bear around the pole. 

Like Canis Minor, there are only two stars that mark the Hunting Dogs, the brightest of which is Cor Caroli, known as ‘the Heart of Charles.’ A popular story is that the star was so-named by Edmund Halley in honor of King Charles II of England. This was supposedly done at the suggestion of the court physician Sir Charles Scarborough, who claimed that ‘It shone with a special brilliance on the eve of the King’s return to London on May 29, 1660.’ However, upon delving deeper into this star’s history, it is found that this star’s original name was ‘Cor Caroli Regis Martyris’ honoring the executed Charles I. Cor Caroli marks the position of ‘Chara,’ one of the two hunting dogs in the mythological outline of the constellation. The other dog is named ‘Asterion’ and is marked by another, fainter star.

Cor Caroli is noteworthy today because of its high abundance of manganese, silicon, chromium, strontium, and the rare Earth metal europium. Its nonpolitical name, used by astronomers, has become the general term for a class of stars with the same peculiar makeup: the Alpha Canum Venaticorum stars. 

Canes Venatici will remain in view all through the rest of the spring and summer, before finally slipping out of sight in the northwest evening sky by early fall.

The constellation of the hot dog

As was noted earlier, both Canes Venatici and Canis Minor are each composed of just two stars. It is hard enough to try and envision a little dog (or anything else for that matter) out of just two stars. When I’m either outside pointing out the stars to campers or inside the ‘pretend universe’ of a planetarium, I ask my audience to envision the two stars of Canis Minor as a hot dog — but without the bun. 

Many years ago, in a pre-recorded sky show at New York’s Hayden Planetarium, the lecturer on the tape said: ‘You are somehow expected to see a little dog here, using Procyon and a neighboring star.’ A voice in the dark called out, ‘I see it!’ The next line on the tape was, ‘If you do see a dog here, perhaps you had better see a doctor too.’ 

The lecturer’s next few lines were hard to hear over the laughter of the audience. 

Joe Rao serves as an instructor and guest lecturer at New York’s Hayden Planetarium. He writes about astronomy for Natural History magazine, the Farmers’ Almanac and other publications. Follow us on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook 

Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: community@space.com.

Joe Rao

Joe Rao is Space.com’s skywatching columnist, as well as a veteran meteorologist and eclipse chaser who also serves as an instructor and guest lecturer at New York’s Hayden Planetarium. He writes about astronomy for Natural History magazine, the Farmers’ Almanac and other publications. Joe is an 8-time Emmy-nominated meteorologist who served the Putnam Valley region of New York for over 21 years. You can find him on Twitter and YouTube tracking lunar and solar eclipses, meteor showers and more. To find out Joe’s latest project, visit him on Twitter.

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March Madness: Arkansas takes down No. 1 Gonzaga, reaches Elite Eight

March Madness: Arkansas takes down No. 1 Gonzaga, reaches Elite Eight

March 24 (UPI) — The fourth-seeded Arkansas Razorbacks punched their ticket to the Elite Eight for the second consecutive year after a 74-68 upset win over the No. 1 overall seed Gonzaga Bulldogs on Thursday night in San Francisco.

J.D. Notae scored 21 points despite missing 20 shots from the field for the Razorbacks (28-8), who are back in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament for just the third time since 1995. Arkansas will play either Duke or Texas Tech in Saturday’s West Region final.

Jaylin Williams and Trey Wade each added 15 points for Arkansas. Au’Diese Toney, who punctuated the Razorbacks’ victory with a last-second dunk, had nine points and seven rebounds.

Drew Timme scored 25 points but failed to rally the Bulldogs (28-4), who were favored to win the national championship for the second straight season. Gonzaga, however, once again fell to a more physical and scrappier foe.

Zags head coach Mark Few’s team was undefeated last season before losing to Baylor in the national title game.

Arkansas constantly challenged 7-foot Gonzaga freshman Chet Holmgren in the paint, and the projected NBA lottery pick fouled out with 3:29 left in the game. He finished with 11 points — all coming in the second half — and 14 rebounds in what may have been his final college game.

Julian Strawther finished with 12 points on 3 of 9 shooting for the Bulldogs, who shot just 37.5% from the field and 23.8% from 3-point range as a team.

In the other early Sweet 16 matchup Thursday, the No. 2 seed Villanova Wildcats (29-7) earned a 63-55 win over the 11th-seeded Michigan Wolverines.

Jermaine Samuels led the Wildcats with 22 points on 8 of 13 shooting. Villanova will face either top-seeded Arizona or No. 5 seed Houston in the South Region final.

Hunter Dickinson recorded 15 points and 15 rebounds for the Wolverines (19-15). Eli Brooks added 14 points and five rebounds.

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Georgia Football Dealing With Thin Depth at Cornerback and Wide Receiver

Georgia Football Dealing With Thin Depth at Cornerback and Wide Receiver

Kirby Smart spoke to the media on Tuesday and revealed that Georgia has a depth issue at two important position groups.

Kirby Smart took the podium for the third time this spring as Georgia is starting their second week of spring practice. Georgia is already dealing with the attrition that comes with the offseason through just one week of practice. From the beginning of spring, Smart was very transparent about the injury issues that Georgia is dealing with so far, as he even broke the news of Darnell Washington’s injury. 

One of those positions that are hurting from attrition is two position groups that need a big offseason as they have questions to be answered next fall. Smart informed the media that both wide receiver and defensive backs were struggling for depth. 

“Receiver and defensive back, in seven years, we have never been this thin. Never.”

– Kirby Smart 

Injuries are not the only contributing factor to the depth issue, as Georgia also saw departures at these positions to the NFL and the NCAA Transfer Portal. Georgia lost two cornerbacks to the transfer portal along with two receivers. 

Injury Report

  • WR, Arian Smith (leg)
  • TE, Brock Bowers (Shoulder)
  • TE, Darnell Washington (Lower Leg)
  • OL, Tate Ratledge (Foot)
  • OL, Jacob Hood (Ankle)
  • OL, Griffin Scroggs (Shoulder)
  • LB, Rian Davis (Quad)
  • LB, Smael Mondon (Shoulder)
  • LB, CJ Madden (Labrum)
  • DB, Tykee Smith (Knee)

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Dogecoin Added to 1,800 Bitcoin of America ATMs

Dogecoin Added to 1,800 Bitcoin of America ATMs



20 hours agoThu Mar 24 2022 11:09:00


Reading Time: 2 minutes

  • Dogecoin has been added to 1,800 ATMs across the U.S.
  • Cryptocurrency ATM operator Bitcoin of America has added DOGE support
  • Usage of Bitcoin ATMs was banned in the UK last week

Elon Musk can now buy and sell his beloved Dogecoin at 1,800 points across America after the coin was added to cryptocurrency ATM operator Bitcoin of America’s list of supported coins. Bitcoin of America teased the news yesterday before announcing it later on, with a flurry of happy DOGE supporters revelling in the update. The company rolled out its Universal Kiosk in May last year which combines the functionality of a traditional ATM and a Bitcoin ATM, meaning customers can withdraw cash from a credit card and buy or sell Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for cash.

The news is out! #Dogecoin is now available at Bitcoin of America BTMs ???? pic.twitter.com/rK7uRRQA7E

— Bitcoin of America (@BTCofAmerica) March 23, 2022

Dogecoin Support Evidence of Bitcoin of America Expansion

Bitcoin of America operates its 1,800 ATMs across 31 states, with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin already in place. Dogecoin becomes the fourth coin to be supported, with the news helping bump DOGE 15% to $0.14, although whether it will be enough to reverse a near 11-month correction remains to be seen.

Bitcoin of America has seen tremendous growth in recent years, adding 50% more machines in the last nine months alone. William P. Suriano, General Counsel for Bitcoin of America, said in November last year that the company was looking to expand and diversify its operations to include “conventional ATM services, bill paying, check cashing, and other services”.

He also added he expected Bitcoin of America to “expand into new geographic markets in North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.”

Crypto ATMs Not Welcome Everywhere

The news of Bitcoin of America’s expansion in US cryptocurrency ATMs is in stark contrast to the situation in the UK, whose financial watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority last week banned all Bitcoin ATMs in the country from operating after none of the operators had obtained the relevant licensing.

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Confirmation Hearings For Ketanji Brown Jackson Continue, Ted Cruz Takes The Lead With Absurd Dogwhistles

Confirmation Hearings For Ketanji Brown Jackson Continue, Ted Cruz Takes The Lead With Absurd Dogwhistles

Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson continue. Highlights include racist dogwhistles from notable Republican Senators such as Ted Cruz.

Ketanji Brown Jackson


The idea of subtly is not a word within the Republicans’ dictionary. At least not when it comes to Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing. 

From Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) on Monday lecturing about the “so-called white privilege” not existing in America. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) continued on Tuesday, grilling Jackson about an anti-racist children’s book, Ibram X. Kendi’s Antiracist Baby. The book is not even included in the school’s list of anti-racism resources.

“Do you agree with this book that is being taught with kids that babies are racist?” Cruz asked in front of a blown-up poster of one of the book’s pages.

Jackson paused for several seconds before answering. “I do not believe that any child should be made to feel as though they are racist, or as though they are not valued, or as though they are less than,… that they are victims, that they are oppressors. I don’t believe in any of that.  I have not reviewed any of those books, any of those ideas. They don’t come up in my work as a judge, which I am respectfully here to address.”

This book never argued that babies are racist, anyway. Instead,  it is simply a colorful tool for parents to teach children how to be anti-racist. Though very well aware of this, Cruz and other Republicans feel a need to find ways to slander Jackson. The GOP zeroed in on her position on the Georgetown Day School board as a Black woman. On Tuesday afternoon, the party tweeted a GIF replacing “KBJ” with “CRT,” next to an image of Jackson’s face.

Only two days have gone by but Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings have devolved into a series of racist dog whistles. 

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson takes a moment to gather her thoughts after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asks her if she believes babies are racist. pic.twitter.com/h9GcxHYcrd

— The Recount (@therecount) March 22, 2022

Confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson began on Monday. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee were more than a little concerned about President Biden’s choice to replace the former justice, targeting the first female African-American nominee on issues of race and white privilege.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) took center stage lecturing Jackson that white privilege does not exist in America. This in spite of multiple studies that have proven its existence. 114 justices have been confirmed Supreme Court justices, but only two are Black and one Latina.

“You serve on the board of a school that teaches, kindergartners, five-year-old children, that they can choose their gender and that teaches them about so-called white privilege,” Blackburn said. 

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) accuses Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of sitting on the board of a school that teaches students about “so-called white privilege.” pic.twitter.com/Ms4azyVEmc

— The Recount (@therecount) March 21, 2022

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell stated this past Sunday that he hasn’t decided on if he will vote to confirm Jackson. McConnell stated that he was troubled by her refusal to object to expanding the nine-justice court.

McConnell (R-Ky.) said he met with Jackson in his Capitol Hill office last week and asked if she’d oppose expanding the court. “She wouldn’t do that. So, in the meantime, the committee will ask her all the tough questions. I haven’t made a final decision as to how I’m going to vote,” McConnell said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

“I’m going to listen to the evidence, I’m going to listen to the hearings, and by the way she’ll be treated much better than Democrats have typically treated Republican nominees like Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh,” he then added on. “It’ll be a respectful, deep dive into her record which I think is entirely appropriate for a lifetime appointment.”

The Republican leader then made note of how Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, whom Jackson would replace if she is confirmed, have objected to packing the court as some Democrats have suggested.

“Typically, these Supreme Court nominees of both parties have never answered any of the questions. What they typically say is that, ‘Something might come before me and I don’t want to prejudge how I might actually vote,’” explained McConnell, who had voted against Jackson’s nomination to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in June 2021.

Jackson’s confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee continues through Thursday.

Hearings for the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson began on March 21.

Judge Brown has been confirmed by the Senate three times. Hence, Democrats won’t be relying on Republican buy-in to complete her journey to the Supreme Court, as they only need a simple majority to confirm her. However, if Democrats are unified in this 50-50 Senate, Vice President Kamala Harris could be the vote to break the tie.

Meanwhile, Jackson may be asked if she will recuse herself from one of the first major cases she would be hearing as a justice – a challenge to Harvard University’s use of race as a factor in undergraduate admissions.

Jackson is an alumnus of Harvard University and Harvard Law School. She currently sits on the university’s Board of Overseers. According to the website, the Board members “provide counsel to the University’s leadership on priorities, plans, and strategic initiatives.”

This fall, the justices are expected to hear a challenge to the school’s admissions policy brought by a group of Asian-American students. The students allege they were illegally targeted and rejected at a disproportionately higher rate because of their race. Decisions regarding this case could determine the fate of affirmative action policies nationwide. 

On Friday, February 25, 2022, in the midst of worldwide attention on the upheaval in the Ukraine, President Joe Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to make history as the first Black woman to sit on the highest court in the nation.

As he introduced Jackson to the White House, he stated, “Today, as we watch freedom and liberty under attack abroad, I’m here to fulfill my responsibilities under the Constitution, to preserve freedom and liberty here in the United States of America. For too long, our government, our courts haven’t looked like America. I believe it’s time that we have a court that reflects the full talents and greatness of our nation with a nominee of extraordinary qualifications, and that we inspire all young people to believe that they can one day serve their country at the highest level.”

51-year-old Ketanji Jackson currently sits on DC’s federal court of appeals, and is considered a front-runner for the vacant sit.

When she was announced, Republican Senators immediately went on the attack on Ketanji Brown Jackson, and portrayed her as a pawn of the left. 

While Democrats praised the qualifications of Biden’s choice, Republicans sought to criticize her educational background, record on crime and the support she holds from left-wing groups. However, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who ironically voted for Jackson to serve as a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit eight months ago, appeared to be against her nomination, saying in a tweet that “the radical Left has won President Biden over yet again.”

Ketanji Jackson

Written by Aevum Caelum

Aevum is a local Georgia creative who writes and draws in their spare time while also enjoying animation, video games, politics, government, etc. Their favorite artists are Amine, Doechii, Whitney Houston, Kota the Friend, Doja Cat, Eminem, Lil Nas X, etc.

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Random: Someone Just Spent $1600 On A Super-Rare Canadian Barbie 3DS Game

Random: Someone Just Spent $1600 On A Super-Rare Canadian Barbie 3DS Game

Barbie 3DS
Image: u/Galdius

Across the Nintendo Life staff, we’ve probably collectively been in and around the games industry for at least a couple hundred years… and yet, there are still things that surprise us every day.

Today’s surprise was finding out that one of the holy grails for 3DS collectors is a game called Barbie Groom and Glam Pups, in which you, Barbie, groom and glam pups. It’s very self-explanatory, really.

But because the game was only released in the North American market in Canada, and not the US, it’s a little hard to come by. It was also released in Europe and Australia, but for this one collector, they need it for their North American complete collection… which is a shame, because the PAL version sells for wayyy less.

In the comments, the collector says that he spent $1,600 on the game — “A few years ago it was around $700,” they add. “Should have bought it back then.”

Even checking the latest sales for the game on pricecharting.com, it looks like Galdius paid above and beyond the usual asking price — assuming that the massive bump from $250 to $2,642 is the one Galdius purchased.

Unfortunately, Galdius’ collection will soon be incomplete again, as new release Andro Dunos 2 is coming out on the 3DS, although it seems like no one really knows when their copies will arrive.

Here’s Galdius’ collection of 418 3DS games, before counting Andro Dunos 2 and the Barbie game:

How big is your 3DS collection? Do you have any games that are worth over $500? Let us know in the comments.

[source reddit.com]

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